Kadima String Quartet & Conservatory of Music

Eric performs first violin in the local LA quartet, and teaches through the conservatory.

Southland Ensemble

Eric co-founded Southland Ensemble in the summer of 2013, and co-directs it with fellow co-founder Christine Tavolacci.

The Southland Ensemble focuses on performing music from the experimental tradition, specifically music that primarily deals with graphic and textual notation. The ensemble is flexible in size, with a core of eight members who possess a vast amount of experience within this musical tradition. 

The Southland Ensemble seeks to collectively share their experiences through the mediums of interactive concerts, workshops and lectures.


GURRISONIC ORCHESTRA, a 22-piece chamber orchestra, which brings together some of the most creative improvisers in Los Angeles such as Daniel Rosenboom, Daniel Szabo, Justo Almario, Eric KM Clark, and Gavin Templeton among many others. Gurrisonic performs genre-bending original music, pushing the boundaries of instrumentation and style with a mix of spoken word, poetry, multi-media, and singer–songwriter work, framed by through-composed orchestral landscapes with tinges of avant-garde, jazz, and classical contemporary music.

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