SCORDATURA - Hannah Addario-Berry
(released 2016)


It may be purchased here. This includes my composition Ekpyrotic: Layerings IV for solo cello, preparations and recorded layers. You may listen to the short version here and the full, long version here.

(released 2016)


It may be purchased 

Crescent City - Anne Lebaron
(released 2014, Innova cat # 878)


It may be purchased here.

rounds - a collection of sung rounds
(released 2013, the wulf. records)


33 rpm lp with booklet including forward by larry polansky and scores for each round. 

My compositions rhythmic round is included on this lp.

It may be purchased here.

Mouth to Mouth - Ingrid Lee
(released 2013, Another Timbre at68r)


1. Of Monsters (2012)             
Ingrid Lee (piano) Merima Kljuco (accordion)
2.  Cells (2012)                      
Ingrid Lee & Rowan Smith (amplified snare drums)
3.  Bead, Spit (2013)                
Ingrid Lee (piano)  Max Kutner (electric guitar) Tony Gennaro (percussion)
4.  Another (2013)                
Eric KM Clark & Andy Studer (violins)  Heather Lockie (viola)  Melody Yenn (cello)
Jake Rosenzweig (bass)  Tony Gennaro (vibraphone)

It may be purchased here.

SWALLOW - Scott Cazan
(released 2013, Care Of Editions) 


audio and data feedback involving:
side a: mics / mixer / violin / metal / recordings of strings /
side b: mixer / contact mic / condenser mic / room / field recordings of sine tones in rooms / mixer / pitch trackers / 1/4" jack, body         

It may be purchased here.

RITUALS - Dave Dominique
(released December 2013, self release)


David Dominique: Flugabone (1-10); Brian Walsh: Clarinet (3,7,9); Bass Clarinet (6,10); Bari Sax (1,2,4,5,8); Gavin Templeton: Alto Sax (1,2,4,5,8), Bari Sax (6,10); Flute (3) ; Joe Santa Maria: Alto Sax (1-5; 7-9); Eric KM Clark: Violin (6,10); Alex Noice: Guitar and Electronics (2-5); Colin Burgess: Bass (1-10); Andrew Lessman: Drums (1-10) 

It may be purchased here.

Constructions - Music of The Collected
(released 2012, Limited Edition / Handmade)


1. Frozen Shards (2009) - Denise Gilson        
Eric km Clark, amplified violin - Adam Fong and Brent Miller, electronics
2. Collages (2011) - Brent Miller        
Eric km Clark, amplified violin
3-4. Music Painted from Memory (2011) - Lisa R. Coons        Hannah Addario-Berry, cello - Elizabeth Choi, violin
5. Organum per Annum (2011) - Adam Fong        
Dogstar Orchestra Composer Chorus

It may be purchased here.

three bodies (moving) - Catherine Lamb
(released 2012, Another Timbre at53r)


45-minute composition 

played by Erica Duke-Kirkpatrick (cello), Eric KM Clark (violin) and Phil O’Connor (bass clarinet)

It may be purchased here.

D Minor/B♭ Major - Pisaro / Sugimoto 
(released 2012, Slubmusic, SMCD 19)


Casey Anderson: computer; Matt Barbier: trombone; Eric KM Clark: violin; Devin Disanto: clarinet; Paul Fraser: trumpet; Kristin Haraldsdottir: viola; Stefan Kac: tuba; Ingrid Lee: piano; Daniel Letourneau: guitar; Heather Lockie: viola; Sepand Shahab: keyboards; Cassia Streb: viola; Christine Tavolacci: flute; Chaz Underriner: guitar; Michael Pisaro: guitar; Taku Sugimoto: guitar

It may be purchased here.

Champ Vital - David Rosenboom 
(released 2012, Tzadik, Cat. # 8091)


I recorded the title track with the E.A.R. Unit on Champ Vital by David Rosenboom. This CD is a retrospective of various important works by Mr. Rosenboom, featuring many amazing performers. 

It may be purchased here.

The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble, Overview 1996-2006
(released 2012, Nine Winds Records NWCD/DVD 0300)


Footage of the Vinney Golia Large Ensemble. I appear in the 2006 version, and it’s filled with many generations of talented Los Angeles performers and improvisers.

It may be purchased here.

Bozzini Quartet: À chacun sa miniature
(released 2011, 
Collection QB CQB 1113)


A vibrant portrait of the state of the art in 
Canadian new music.
Composers: Michael BergerDaniel BrandesMarie-Pierre Brasset
Taylor BrookEric KM ClarkKimberly CodnerAndré Cormier
Alex EddingtonOlivier GirouardAnna HöstmanDaryl Jamieson
Margareta JericEmilie Cecilia LeBelGhislain LecroulantDavid Litke
Simon MartinCassandra MillerDarren MillerJeff MortonSally Norris
Michal NovotnyCléo Palacio-Quintineldritch priestGuillaume PrimardChristopher ReicheBenton Roark
Pierre-Olivier RoyMirko SablichSabrina SchroederHeber SchünemannAndrea Young 
Performers: Mira BenjaminIsabelle BozziniStéphanie BozziniClemens MerkelBozzini Quartet 
Graphic design: Fabrizio Gilardino

Brud: Volumes I-III (1995-2011) - André Vida
(released 2011, limited edition, PAN Records PAN20)


Tie Me Up
Performer [Ropes & Footsteps] – Katie Vida Viola – Cassia Streb Violin – Eric KM Clark, Melinda Rice

You may view it here and inquire as to its availability.

DITHER - Dither Electric Guitar Quartet
(released 2010, Henceforth Records)


My epic composition for hearing deprived electric guitars, written for Dither in 2007, is the final track on their debut album. Also recorded are works by Lisa R. Coon, Lainie Fefferman, Jascha Narveson and Dither’s own Joshua Lopes.

It may be purchased here.

Pope Joan, Transfiguration - Anne LeBaron 
(released 2007, New World Records, Cat. # 80663)


Pope Joan: Kristin Norderval, soprano; Dorothy Stone, alto/piccolo flute; Keve Wilson, oboe, English Horn; Jim Sullivan, clarinet, bass clarinet; Lorna Eder, piano; Nick Terry, percussion; Eric km Clark, violin; Andrew McIntosh, viola; Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick, cello; Mark Menzies, conductor Transfiguration: Lucy Shelton, soprano; Camille Hoitenga, flute; June Han, harp; William Trigg, percussion; Rand Steiger, conductor 

It may be purchased here.

Fragments - performed and composed by Piket, Hill & Clark 
(released 2005, Tonehole Music)


Roberta Piket, piano
Scott Hill, winds
Eric KM Clark, violin

It may be purchased here.

© Eric Kenneth Malcolm Clark 2016