Layerings 4 (2015) for solo cello and tape, commissioned by Hannah Addario-Berry

Layerings 3 (2013) for solo piano and tape, commissioned by Kathleen Supové

Venusian Snowflakes (2009) for multiple hands and church organ

Raising Hair (2008) for solo string instrument and tape

Zin Lye (2006) for amplified toy piano and tape, written for Katelyn Clark

aspnyx quatro (2006) for solo trombone and brass quartet (two trumpets, french horn, tuba)

Mein Schatz (2006) for simplified violin, in this instance an all e-string violin

Overlap (2005) for solo clarinet and archived recording of Deprivation Music No. 2


Layered Glass (2015)
for string quartet and tape, commissioned by the Isaura String Quartet

Rhythmic Round (2012) for open vocals or instruments)

rosebud: Deprivation Music No. 10 (2011) for 5 or more vocalists and sampling

Dither/Mantra Deprivation Movement Pieces (2010) premiered in New York City by the electric guitar quartet Dither and the percussion ensemble Mantra

Deprivation Music No. 9 (2009) for as many hearing deprived performers as possible, written for Transit in New York City

Deprivation Music No. 7 (2009) for 4 snare drums and movement artists, written for Mantra in New York City

Deprivation Music No. 6 (2009) for as many voices and/or instruments as possible

Deprivation Music No. 5 (2009) for 2 solo electric guitarists and as many hearing deprived electric guitarists as possible

O-Ring (2008) for Simplified Instruments and Hearing/Sight Deprived Performers, written for Object Collection

Waltzer (2008) written for Skakk Rocket: clarinet, electric guitar, violin

Tuque Pieces (2008) for Simplified Violin and 12-string Simplified Guitar

Mertha’s Blue (2007) for as many Hearing and Sight Deprived performers as possible

exPAT: Deprivation Music No. 4 (2007) for as many electric guitars as possible, written for Dither in NYC
video :: BUY HERE

Black Ship You (2007) written for Passenger Fish: violin, electric guitar, bass, keyboard

Slaughter Series (2006) for Simplified Violin, Saw, and Male Falsetto

Baby Harvest (2006) written for Passenger Fish: violin, electric guitar, bass, keyboard

Rhythmik Erik for open instrumentation

aspnyx quatro (2006) for solo trombone and brass quartet: two trumpets, french horn, tuba

Devil in Blue (2006) for banjo, steel string guitar, mandolin, and contrabass

Deprivation Music No. 3 (2005) for as many clarinets as possible

Orsher in Stalingrad (2005) for violin, contrabass, lapsteel, banjo, and trombone

Deprivation Music No. 2 (2005) for as many string players as possible

Lapst (2005) for Piccolo, three clarinets, French horn, piano, electric bass, violin, v’cello, percussion, and doyra

Ancient Music (2005) for open instrumentation

A Disordered Event (2005) for open instrumentation

Innygo (2005) for flute, clarinet, violin, and piano

Vilia’s Lace (2005) for clarinet, violin, and piano

Listlessness (2005) for clarinet, violin, and piano

Deprivation Music No. 1 (2005) for 5 to 9 hearing-deprived non-fixed pitch instrumentalists

Cyclematic Quartet (2004) for string quartet

Andy’s Last Kiss (2004) for soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, violin, viola, harp, piano, and recorded voice

White Devils (2003) for amplified violin duo and three hearing-deprived keyboardists

Spodrox (2003) for bass clarinet, violin, contrabass, piano, and percussion

2 duets (2002) for amplified violin and rebec (duet I); and stylophone and portative organ (duet ii)

© Eric Kenneth Malcolm Clark 2016